How You can Help

Perfect Partners Assistance Dogs Trust (PPADT) is a not-for-profit organisation established in 2007 to oversee the training and certification of Disability Assist Dogs to enable people with a wide range of medically diagnosed disabilities to enhance their quality of life using the human-animal bond. PPADT does not receive any government funding. We therefore welcome any donation made to the Trust (no matter how much), and are thankful to the generosity of many people in the communities we strive to assist.

Perfect Partners is run entirely by a passionate and dedicated few volunteers. Without their tireless hard work, skills, hours and funds donated to the trust, we would not be able to continue doing the work we do. PPADT is always seeking more people willing to donate their skills, time and services.

The need for these invaluable dogs is enormous, and PPADT cannot keep up with the need because we simply do not have the support we need to do it. It is sad when we need to turn people away simply because we do not have the resources to keep up with the need in our communities. Please be creative and generous in how you can support the work of the Trust. We need you!!

Be assured that volunteering to help people to have new lives with the help of their Disability Assist Dog is extremely rewarding. The time and effort of our volunteers is appreciated and it makes a significant difference in many people’s lives, not to mention their dog’s lives. Your help enables us to continue to help others!

Become a PPADT Volunteer

Perfect Partners is dependent upon volunteers. These roles support the work of the Trust, and allow us to help our clients.

Are you creative? Have skills in Marketing? Enjoy networking and building connections? Want to give back to your community? Are you able to donate any of these skills to PPADT? There are a huge variety of ways you could help PPADT by becoming a volunteer:

  • Assist with administration roles
  • Public relations
  • Marketing
  • Networking
  • Fundraising
  • Puppy Raising
  • Training
  • Becoming a “buddy” to a new team
  • Veterinary support

All of our volunteers are fabulous and without their hard work, passion and dedication PPADT would struggle to continue to help our clients.

If you are interested in a volunteer role with the Perfect Partners Assistance Dogs Trust, then please contact us.


As the Perfect Partners Assistance Dogs Trust receives no Government funding, we must source our own funds. One way to do this is to fundraise. The role of Fundraiser is to raise funds, and the profile of PPADT through fundraising activities. These may include:

  • Host an event for PPADT – Could your organisation or company host an event?
  • Charitable events – run, bike, swim for a good cause and raise money for PPADT
  • Sponsorship – could your company/business sponsor our trust or individual dogs in training?
  • Be creative! How can you help us?!


Do you have some spare change, and want to donate to a worthy cause? You could donate directly to PPADT where your donation could help change someone’s life, and may also aid in saving a dog’s life in the process. Every cent helps and is used directly towards helping clients and their dogs.

Donations of $5.00 or more made to the Perfect Partners Assistance Dogs Trust are tax deductible and can be made at any branch of the ANZ;

Bank account details

Account name: PPADT
Account number: 01 1804 0100976 01

If you would like a receipt, please send us an email:

Please note that PPADT will send a thank you note and a tax receipt at the time of your donation.

Payroll Giving

If you would like to give a regular donation to Perfect Partners then you may like to consider the payroll giving scheme provided by the Inland Revenue Department.

The scheme allows you to make regular donations to the charity of your choice, with tax credits immediately provided, rather than having to wait until the end of the tax year.

How will my money be used?

All donations go directly to the trust to aid in providing the services we do. You may specify exactly what you would like you donation to be used for. For example, donations could also be used to aid in training costs for a dog, aid in travel costs (i.e. assessments), equipment (i.e. vests, leads), to aid in admin costs (such as web site costs, paperwork etc) or even to aid in covering vet bills. Please view our sponsorship form .

Puppy Raiser

We desperately need puppy raisers!

The Perfect Partners Assistance Dog Trust depends on Puppy Raisers to help socialise and train puppies and dogs. Socialisation and sound basic training are essential for Disability Assist Dogs, as it prepares them for life as a working dog. You will need to attend training sessions and give the pup as many learning experiences as possible. The pup will be given a working cape and ID and will be allowed in most public places with you, in the same way as a fully trained dog.

The role of the Puppy Raiser is to raise and train puppies and dogs using individual training plans from the Perfect Partners Assistance Dogs Trust. In some cases, the role also involves supporting positive relationships with clients that are meeting their puppy or dog prior to a formal placement. PPADT covers the cost of the puppy’s needs whilst with a puppy raiser.

As we are based in the greater Auckland region we are mainly looking for volunteers in the Auckland area. You will need to be able to connect with trainers in Auckland if you live in other parts of NZ.

PPADT currently have no puppy raisers!

PPADT really struggles to find puppy raisers, which is very sad. In addition, PPADT struggles to find the funds to be able to feed the puppy during its training and pay for the veterinary costs whilst it is with the puppy raiser. In other words we need sponsors, donations and more volunteers so that we can continue to provide these invaluable services!

The Perfect Partners Assistance Dogs Trust depends upon the generosity of individuals, businesses, and corporations to do the work that we do. We have a number of ways that people can help. Perfect Partners Assistance Dogs Trust is a Donee organisation with the Inland Revenue Department, all donations over $5.00 receive a letter for tax purposes at the end of each financial year.

Corporate Sponsorship

Organisations and businesses wishing to support the work of PPADT can do so through either a lump sum payment, or through regular donations weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

At a minimum, corporate sponsors can expect a certificate of appreciation, their name on our website, and their name on our Annual Report. Please let us know how you would like PPADT to recognise and honour your generosity – either on this form or by email.

For more information about corporate sponsorship, please contact us.

Sponsors & Supporters

Thank you to all of the following sponsors and supporters who have made significant donations of time, skill and/or money.

  • Peg MacKenzie, Trainer & Sponsor of PPADT
  • Mrs P. Edmunds
  • Mr and Mrs P & V Sykes
  • B Simpson
  • C. Leader
  • M. Bragg
  • H. Rolfe
  • S Leiser
  • Black Dog Wear
  • Celia King
  • Angela Kaiser
  • Ann Connor
  • Yvonne Biggelaar
  • And everyone who has made a donation at events, or through a collection box

Without the generosity of these amazing people, PPADT would struggle to continue. A simple thank you does not seem enough and we would like to publically recognise these incredible people.